• Gateway Terminal

    Speed ​​in the access of spare and accredited vehicles. This terminal can also have an information panel of vacancies available in real time.

  • Exit Gate Terminal

    With three types of escape: open (without control), controlled by a single gate or with escape and gate. Optional with ticket collector scanner module.

  • Barrier

    Uses infrared or metallic mass sensor. It can also operate via radio control, where each person has their code identified by the system for release.

LINK. Your parking without frustrations, queues, fraud or loss of profits.

  • Intelligence
  • Information
  • Innovation

The future in your hands.

The complete Link cloud platform, with all your parking information wherever you are.

  • Statistic data
  • Real-time movement
  • Consolidation of garages
  • Monthly management
  • Operational Control Center (CCO)
  • Financial information And much more.

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